Don't tell anyone.
You're the only one I trust to keep my secrets.
You're the only one who understands.
The anxiety is back, but you already knew that.
You can read my hidden messages as if they were your own.

"I can't breathe," I whisper.
You look into my eyes and tell me to relax.
I struggle to remember how but
"I can't think" seems tattooed on my brow.
Names surround me.
Words stretched out, distorted.
"Leslie". "Cody".
Last night's was a double dose.
Maybe I'm still coming down.
I think that I can see it clinging to my nose.

Once it made my brain explode just like a rocket.
But lately it's become too much to take.
My heart and mind both beg me, "Stop it. Stop it. Stop it."

Still I know that I can trust you not to tell.
You won't betray my secrets.
Because they're yours as well.