Inspired by Kanagawa, or The Great Wave, by Katsushika Hokisai (1830's)

Their bellies press together, flesh to flesh, as they feel the passion washing over them. The force of it could drown them as it has so many times before. But they surrender still. They offer up their bodies to the storm and are welcomed, wrapped within its warm embrace.

Behind them and above, in the world they've left behind, small men in tiny boats attempt to tame the sea. They face The Great Wave, the Kanagawa of Hokisai, seeking safety in a familiar port.

Yet, even if they make it home alive, they'll never truly live. For they flee before the force of feelings unrestrained. They seek to tame what they cannot control. On the surface, in the shallows, that is mere existence.

Life is only truly lived down here, below, where blue-green waters flow around their bodies.

One wraps her arm around her lover's waist as the other twines her hand through strands of silken hair. The eternal serpent, black and white, ascends the tree of life...the tree of eyes, rising higher, higher as their passion builds.

Nine koi swim free around them in the deep, the promises of everlasting love. Twining roses form their bed - some open full, some still asleep - hiding honeyed secrets tight within their buds. Waiting, waiting for the right caress, the gentle touch that will release them.

Their feelings deep and so intense, awake, alive with all the the pull of the abyss. They gaze into our souls with eyes of liquid fire. Their siren song speaks to our hearts, daring us to plunge into desire.